Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom (made from Mother's Day cards)


A mother's love
So beautiful
So peaceful
A mother's heart
A world filled with
beautiful moments
and bright thoughts.

This day is for you
For your smile
It's your day
to know you're celebrated.

A beautiful day for
thinking of you
and telling you
how much it means
to have you.

it's the perfect time
for both of us
to enjoy every little moment.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

No one is there. (SUNY Purchase Lit Society's publication: The Leaf Unturned)

No one is there.
a hollow town.
shadows scattered
Cage The Animals
drunk beautiful boys
safely kept
lost in me.

smashed roses
between your legs
I want to taste your skin
to be fucked
birds and the bees
hollow me out
how low
can my dignity go

fingers split your
shaking hands
slipping down
his hollow chest;
No one is there
he loved to feel nothing.

the cold and quick exit,
throat sore,
mouth dry.
His eyes fluorescent 
and dead seeming.
my body stands
a wilderness
frozen in a tangling kiss

we fucked to feel something
and there is nothing in return.
No one is there.