Monday, February 28, 2011

The Beginning Is Near. (made from fortunes from fortune cookies)

The Beginning Is Near.

To give is to deserve
But love is acting
not feeling
But still keep your eyes open.

Look first to yourself.
The best mirror
is often your eyes.
You are the guiding star
in your existence.
Stay strong.

You will step on the soil
of past misfortune.
But there are lessons to learn
There is enough time
To take a different path.
Happiness is around the corner.
Down the next street.

You have a deep emotional nature
Strong and sensitive.
Look first to yourself.
Not him, or his eyes.

Joyfulness prolongs your days.
Feel it.
Trust it.
But still keep strong.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Not Your Fault (pamphlet on dealing with rape & sexual assault)

"It's not your fault"

She didn't scream
She did not fight back
She was drinking.
these are excuses.
NEVER blame yourself.

Listening not judging
Listening not prying
It's normal to feel angry, afraid, anxious
Feelings intensify and overwhelm
Sit with your silences.

Protect yourself
Aggressive behavior
feeling vulnerable
find a way out.

If it feels like you're being pressured
then you are.

"NO" means "NO"

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Harder Rain's Gunna Fall (Digital Collage: NY Times Online)

A Harder Rain's Gunna Fall: They shoot people from ambulances

He blew kisses to the crowd.
He urged them to fight
to fight to the death.

protesters tried to march
thousands streamed out
of mosques after prayers
sending forces to join the fight.
the capital had fallen to rebels.
the violence broke out.

young loyalists charged with emotion,
triumph and anger
fight for justice and freedom.

"This is the invincible force of youth,"
he said,
"Life without dignity is useless."

The antigovernment
The last strongholds in a widespread rebellion.

"Every individual will be armed,"
he said.

They have no freedom.
the life of pride, unity and dignity,
the flag flying and hoisted.
They want freedom, too.

young loyalists, young supporters
thousands shot dead
and left without a prayer.

The coffins of dead protesters
bodies being taken away
to beaches to be burned.

it will become a hell...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Creator or Liar? (made from small booklet about accepting Jesus)

Creator or Liar?

God created heaven
out of the dust of the earth.
He made man
and man was given a choice
good or evil
to obey or disobey

Sinner multiplied and
covered the earth...
God loved them
and watched over them.
But violence was everywhere.
They rebelled and killed the prophets.

Jesus was born,
He was the world
and the world was made by him.
His was the only perfect life ever lived.
He was challenged and crucified.
Satan- the powers of darkness
They crucified the Lord.
The devil and his angels loved the world,
But claim Jesus was a liar.

God was broken
and man was lost.
The lost shall be cast into the
lake of fire...
God destroyed the earth with water.
Enter into the joy of thy Lord!
Nobody else can save you.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Disordered Eating (Made from pamphlets about eating disorder awareness)

Disordered Eating

Afraid, angry and helpless.
These feelings are natural.
Ask for help.
Admit concerns.
You are doing the right thing.
Figure out what to do next.
What to say
Where to go for help.
There are people out there who understand

Binge eating and purging
feeling out of control,
feel nothing at all.

Beauty and shape
weight or body size
be aware of the ways your beliefs
about your body
your healthy and strong body
are influenced by our society.
Take good care of yourself.

Cycles of pain or fear
and the need to feel control
can become destructive obsessions.

your body image is being manipulated
Know the difference,
Respect yourself.

Monday, February 7, 2011

For Those Touched (informational pamphlets on Cancer & HIV)

For Those Touched

Living is more than doctors appointments.
There's so much to feel, to experience,
Laugh, love, share, cry,
Learn to live
And let it all out.

People are living with diseases.
They are hugging, kissing, sharing.
Family and friends living with treatment and loss,
Living with a diagnosis.
They are still living.

Treat your heart, your soul,
and your spirit.

People have found strength, comfort and
any excuse for a party.

Living is celebration.
Everyone is welcome.

We are survivors.
Join us!