Wednesday, June 13, 2012

El diario de un romance primer (made from Somos Así 3, a Spanish textbook from high school)

I don't speak spanish, but I studied it for years. This is my attempt at a Spanish love poem- I understand it might not be 100% accurate but I wanted to try something new. The intended English translation follows the Spanish poem.

El diario de un romance primer

Cuando se enamora …
No seas mentiroso
Se generoso;
no seas egoista

Siempre me equivoco
Pero eres una maravilla.

Créeme, por favor
Le digo la verdad
Cuando digo cuánto te quiero

Mi amor
Dame la mano
Ven conmigo
Para siempre

English Translation:
The Diary of a First Romance
When you fall in love.../ Do not lie./ Be generous;/ Do not be selfish.
I always make mistakes/ but you are wonderful.
Believe me, please/ I tell you the truth/ when I say how much I love you.
My love/ take my hand/ come with me/ forever.

Check out the video that documents the creation of this poem:

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