Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Handwritten Murder (New York Times)

Handwritten Murder

He was not in the courtroom
to tell his tangled story
to avoid a death sentence.
For nearly three hours
the hushed courtroom
heard his life and crimes
slipped into, spattered across
prison writings He wrote.

My dark shadow was let loose
Self-serving, suicidal and grandiose.
He beat the sleeping father
with a baseball bat.
A calculated, cold blooded predator
passed through their fear
into the calm waters of abject terror.

He claimed that he had not
raped the younger child.
He praised the bravery of
her sister
who tried to escape.
Their mother had been
a coward.

I am no angel.
He used words like darkness
demons and depravity.
He said he had
been trying to kill himself.
The scars on my
soul have forever defined me.

he had never healed.

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