Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spiritual Tourists (New York Times)

Spiritual Tourists

There is negative energy in the air here
emanating from the earth
keeping people away.

We're sitting on a graveyard
The tragedy, the woes
Shattering the tranquillity.
Questions about who did what to whom.

It's been a long process.

She is optimistic though.
This is about learning harmony
and appreciating life.
It will come back, in its own time
expanding our understanding
of life and death.

We are spiritual visitors.
He's so wildly imaginative
she suffers for lack of imagination.

She didn't want to come back at first
because of how long it's taken
to get to this level.

Art came from the depths
of his imagination.

All one needs is infinite patience
and an entire afternoon.

Powerful transition
could happen

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