Sunday, January 16, 2011

Attack and Revival: Harmony (how to play guitar instructional packet & history textbook)

Attack and Revival: Harmony

Relax from the palm of you hand
beyond the fingers to your wrist.
Memorize the melody.
Sing, strum or whistle the tune following the rhythmic pattern.

Disturb the flourishing businessmen
and their kingdom of uncivilized heroes and their civil war.

The government held the people in mythology
thinking that no need was seen to improve The Kingdom.

The flowering artistic minds were conducting a period of upheaval with song.
Picking the strings
Thumbing the strings
Strumming the chords.
Paint the scenes on the walls.

The king lost control of his nobles
a gradual collapse of government.

Curl the fingers in toward the palm of your hand
Hold the guitar against your body.

The songs you sing return the people
to their ancient independence and their new prosperity.
They came to life in the arts.
People living in harmony.

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