Sunday, February 13, 2011

Creator or Liar? (made from small booklet about accepting Jesus)

Creator or Liar?

God created heaven
out of the dust of the earth.
He made man
and man was given a choice
good or evil
to obey or disobey

Sinner multiplied and
covered the earth...
God loved them
and watched over them.
But violence was everywhere.
They rebelled and killed the prophets.

Jesus was born,
He was the world
and the world was made by him.
His was the only perfect life ever lived.
He was challenged and crucified.
Satan- the powers of darkness
They crucified the Lord.
The devil and his angels loved the world,
But claim Jesus was a liar.

God was broken
and man was lost.
The lost shall be cast into the
lake of fire...
God destroyed the earth with water.
Enter into the joy of thy Lord!
Nobody else can save you.

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