Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Harder Rain's Gunna Fall (Digital Collage: NY Times Online)

A Harder Rain's Gunna Fall: They shoot people from ambulances

He blew kisses to the crowd.
He urged them to fight
to fight to the death.

protesters tried to march
thousands streamed out
of mosques after prayers
sending forces to join the fight.
the capital had fallen to rebels.
the violence broke out.

young loyalists charged with emotion,
triumph and anger
fight for justice and freedom.

"This is the invincible force of youth,"
he said,
"Life without dignity is useless."

The antigovernment
The last strongholds in a widespread rebellion.

"Every individual will be armed,"
he said.

They have no freedom.
the life of pride, unity and dignity,
the flag flying and hoisted.
They want freedom, too.

young loyalists, young supporters
thousands shot dead
and left without a prayer.

The coffins of dead protesters
bodies being taken away
to beaches to be burned.

it will become a hell...

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