Thursday, December 2, 2010

Among Reason and Plants (The New Yorker)

Among Reason and Plants

The forest was like a crowded city.
The trees and grass
stop thinking altogether and just droop.
They lived in this land as best they could.

The hunter was like his father
caressing flowers and trees
with trembling pleasure,
waging war on the birds and beasts
as if they were ferocious enemies.
And then returning home
a kind, sensitive family man
Longing to be back in nature.

His day would be taken over by bushes and soil.
I'll carry on living in darkness.
He disappeared into the forest,
putting aside his recent grief
for the sake of future life.

While at home, a choir of young girls
Were singing far away,
but the sense of their music remained clear:
People should live in bliss,
Not in need and torment.

The gloom of nature
The loveliness of the world
His own heart's joy.

Listen to the voices of fate.


OnlyLostBunny said...

that is so cool I like the newspaper clipping idea.

Collage Poet said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment :)