Sunday, December 19, 2010

The King's Riots (The New Yorker)

The King's Riots

Sitting on the back porch,
Drinking tea, listening to crickets, and talking.
Talking with people who've pulled a trigger.
They were considered terrorists.

Local landmarks
A grassy area nearby.
The main body drop
Up to eleven bodies a week
Most were brutally mutilated.

We've already taken our revenge.
American bombing.
We're the ones who've made them crawl.
American patrols ambushed.
They had death squads.
Now we're the ones to pick them up.

They were killing too many people.
They never killed anyone who was innocent.
Neighbors celebrate
When some were killed.
Victims really are all "bad guys"

"Please don't kill me,"

Hunt a bad guy
Kill a bad guy
Get out of there alive.

The people realized they had let something in that they couldn't control.

they don't train you for this.


Harun said...

Damn Jess this is some powerful stuff! Glad to know you as a fellow artist :)

Collage Poet said...

thank you, sir! i appriciate it :)