Monday, December 27, 2010

Women in Danger (The New Yorker & Glamour Magazine)

Women in Danger

Now that her husband has gone on to his glory
The Waiting Woman wears a long dark skirt.
She befits her role as a female living in America,
The sound of silence, of loneliness, that pervades her house.

We are so attached to our identities as independent women,
We rarely show men our weaknesses.

I wanted to show him
I could handle myself.

I know you can do it.
He said,
But today, I’m going to do it for you.

The Dashing Man will not go away,
His continuing presence is a testament to her charm.

“Ode to the Man Who Kneels”
He lays his heavy head on her lap
Whenever he gets tired of the violence in his life.
She’s too frightened to explore.

These are the essential learning moments
Every woman needs.
You really do get smarter
By going where you shouldn’t in love.

Drunk and swept away
Big strong girl,
Let him help you…

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